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Q: I can't remember my password.  What can I do?

A: You have 2 options:

     > You may reset your password,


     > You may call Highway Stars, and we can easily reset your password.


Q: How can I view the status of my order?

A: If you have placed an order, you will automatically receive updates via email as the order gets processed.  Alternatively, you may also log into your account through the Highway Stars website using your user name(email address) and your password.  Once you are in your account, you may view the status of your current order or any previous orders. 

Q: Can I place an order over the phone? 

A: Customers will need to place their order electronically, directly through our website.  The website will allow you pay with a credit card. It will also send you an order confirmation, and any subsequent order related information, so that you can be informed of the order status all the way down to delivery. 

Q: How can we reach your company?

A: Highway Stars can be reached via phone or email. Our phone number and customer service hours are posted under the "About Us" page.  Depending on the volume of calls, you may reach our voice mail, so please leave a detailed voicemail message including your name, phone number, reason for call. As we all know, electronic devices and phones may occasionally experience signal/transmission quality issues.   

Alternatively, You may submit your question/correspondence via our "Contact Us" page 


Q: How quickly do you ship out orders?

A: Highway Stars processes orders in the order of which it was received.  Additionally and more importantly, Highway Stars takes the extra time needed to carefully inspect every single item that goes into the box, to ensure it is the best quality available.  Due to this level of quality inspection which is performed on each and every part that leaves our warehouse, you can be assured that the product you receive is meets or exceeds expectations. Depending on current volume of orders, most orders are fulfilled within 2-5 business days from completed payment, and then it is shipped to the customer. If the item is not stocked in our warehouse, it may be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Some items including custom color items, have longer lead times which may be noted on the product page.  Shipping time varies depending on the specific shipping address as well as the item lead time.   

If a customer needs a package shipped sooner/overnight, please call our office at 847-599-1600 for an expedited shipping quote.

Q: Can I purchase the Highway Stars licensed GM Restoration parts from your competitors?

A: Due to our marketing policies and deserved customer expectations, Highway Stars wants to assure that our customers are receiving accurate and honest product information.  In support of our GM restoration parts licensing agreement, Highway Stars does not currently distribute the Highway Stars GM licensed restoration parts thru other vendors. Be advised, GM will only allow certain vendors whom meet and fulfill GM's specific requirements.  A short list of these specific vendors (which include Highway Stars) can be verified by looking at the GM website ( ) :  All legitimate licensed GM Restoration products must be contracted, licensed, and approved by General Motors. All advertising and photos of legitimate licensed GM restoration products must be approved by General Motors.  The products also must include the required security tags that are issued, verified, traceable, and identifiable by General Motors. If all of these conditions are not met or not valid, you may want to question the legitimacy of the product/advertisement/vendor As a requirement by General Motors of all their licensed suppliers, Highway Stars has proudly included the required legal language/disclaimers on the footer of the Highway Stars website. GM has strict guidelines that legitimate GM licensed suppliers MUST FOLLOW.  If you don't see this, and/or if GM cant verify it, you may want to look elsewhere.

 Q: How come I can see a product on your website, but I can't add it to my cart?

A: Unlike other websites that shows everything (whether or not those parts are available), Highway Stars wants our customers to have confidence while shopping at our website.  Our website will only allow the customer to add the product to the cart, if it is indeed in our inventory.  This way, customers know that the product is available and it will get shipped.  Most customers would agree, that they don't want a company to hold their $$ hostage, only later and much time wasted, to find out that the part was not available & thus never shipped.  

If our inventory has zero available, it simply will not allow the customer to add the product to the cart.