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Shipping & Returns


Shipping estimates: We are aware that our website does have some innate limitations within shipping feature.  As a result, the estimated shipping and taxes figure that populates on any given invoice may be incorrect and may require to be re-calculated.  In order to provide the most optimal shipping quote, a recalculation is configured for shipping accuracy on that particular order. This recalculation will occur when the order gets packed up.  This recalculation will most likely occur when you order includes heavier items such as carpeting, springs,orders over 9 lbs, large bulky items, a multiple package order, or to US states west of Colorado, as well as locations such as Puerto Rico, Canada, and international locations.  At that time, we will notify the customer of the new charges,  and will either send the customer a new invoice for the shipping charges, or a refund depending on the recalculation.

Canada/International- (UPDATE - This USPS service has been haulted as of Jan 2020 and is unavailable until further notice) 

We will however ship to US border states/package depots for the Canadian customers.  

US Locations and Carriers:

We can ship to most US locations via FEDEX or USPS. We reserve the right to change/choose the best carrier for the package.   

Shipping addresses:

As an added security measure, we only ship to the matching billing address of the customer.  All billing and shipping addresses must match, be 100% confirmed and verified with the financial institution associated with your payment in order for a transaction to be completed successfully.  


Shipping to other addresses:  

If you would like to ship to an address that is different than the billing address, payment must be made using a UNITED STATES POSTAL MONEY ORDER.  When paid with a US POSTAL Money order, we will be able to ship your order to an different shipping address per your request.   FedEx packages can not be shipped to PO boxes.  Note that there are restrictions on some products. 

Shipping to a PO Box (Shipping to a PO box requires USPS shipping quotes (NOT FEDEX)

Generally, we don't ship to PO boxes unless the item is paid for with a United States Postal Money Order.  Any order that must be shipped to a PO box, the customer must contact Highway Stars first, so they can obtain a shipping quote via USPS.  Shipping to US PO boxes WILL REQUIRE a USPS calculated shipping quote.(NOT FEDEX).  Shipping may need to be recalculated using the US Postal System, thus customers my end up pay a different/additional shipping charge that what was originally calculated on the website. 

Address errors:

It is the buyers responsibility to provide accurate and complete billing/shipping address.  Order confirmations with the customer provided address are emailed to the customer immediately after an order is placed. Please review all information to ensure accuracy. 

If for any reason, an order is shipped to the customer using the address in which was entered by the customer, and the package gets returned to Highway Stars due to the customer provided address is incomplete/wrong/inaccurate/or person is no longer at the address, the customer will be responsible and will be charged for all shipping charges, transaction fees, restocking fees. These costs are Non-refundable.  If the transaction is refunded, the refund will be calculated LESS the shipping fees, transaction fees, and restocking fees.  If the package needs to be reshipped to the customer due an error as described above, the customer will incur an additional shipping charge. 

Signature on delivery (DSR): 

If your order value is over $200, your package may require a signature upon delivery. Some packages below a $200 value may also require signature on delivery so that a customer can inspect the package to ensure no shipping damage occurred during transit.  Highway Stars strives to ensure the highest level of quality in our products. We take every measure to ensure that our customers orders are delivered to the intended address. Tracking information is sent to the customer to notify them in advance of the package shipment. Once DSR packages are shipped, modifications to the shipping address cannot be made.

 FEDEX - Our preferred method of shipment

Shipping insurance: Although we take great pride in our packaging, we HIGHLY recommend that you purchase shipping insurance. We do not accept responsibility for any shipping damages or loss if shipping insurance has not been purchased.

 Any packages not insured remain the buyers responsibility. 

Combined shipping: WE also offer combined shipping on a multiple item purchase whenever possible (exceptions may apply to oversize, odd shaped, or measurement restrictions).  Due to the nature/size/weight/dimensions of some products such as carpeting, bumper fillers, door skins, belt moldings, brake rotors, etc, they must ship separately.  Although we keep 99% of all items in stock, at times we may also need to drop ship directly from a manufacturer.  Shipping charges will be dependent on the originating and destination locations.

 PLEASE NOTE:  Although we strive to ship our items in the safest and most economical way, we reserve the right to correctly adjust shipping costs on any order that may require odd size, over size, multiple items, or ship to destinations outside the continental USA such as Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico.  Items totaling 11 lbs. or more could require adjustments that may result in a refund or additional charges.   If you have any questions regarding shipping, please feel free to contact us. 

Puerto Rico 


We generally ship to PR using United States Postal Service. Please call Highway Stars for the name of the Buick Grand National parts distributor in Puerto Rico.  


Sales tax:    

 Illinois customers are subject to IL sales tax. Depending on current tax laws in other states, sales tax may be applicable to your transaction

California customers are subject to CA sales tax only on some selected products. 

Due to the changing tax laws, Our website may not accurately charge sales tax on specific items, in this case, our office will re-calculate the correct taxes and will send our customers an invoice for balance due.



If you need to return an item, you must contact our office first, so that we can determine the proper steps based on your product.

All returns must be pre-authorized and assigned a Returned Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA #)  Please refer to the "Returns" electronic request system which can be found through the customer account portal/completed orders. . All returned merchandise must be accompanied by the assigned RMA #.  Returned merchandise must be unused, uninstalled, and sent back to Highway Stars complete and unopened in it's original packaging as originally received.  Upon receipt of the return merchandise, a product evaluation will be performed.  

Shipping charges are the buyers responsibility.  Shipping charges and are Non-refundable.

Returned goods may be subject to a  25% restocking fee.

Custom products are unique and can NOT be returned or exchanged - Custom products are identified as products that were produced based on customer selected specific color choice, measurements, sizes, or details provided at the time of order.

Some merchandise, including opened gaskets and ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONIC GOODS are non-refundable.  

All Discontinued GM/ACDelco parts and NOS parts (authentic GM and ACDelco parts which are no longer sold through GM/ACDelco) are carefully inspected before leaving our facility.  These Discontinued GM/ACDelco parts and NOS parts are non returnable and non-refundable. 

Highway Stars specializes in selling parts for 100% stock applications.  If a customer experiences issues with fitment of an NOS or GM/ACDelco part which was specifically made for the vehicle we advertise for, please contact our office so that we may be able to assist you in determining why you may be experiencing fitment issues.  If the part was specifically made for the vehicle (make/model/year)  more likely than not, there may be other reasons that are not directly related to the part we sold the customer.




Returned goods are subject to a 25% restocking fee. All shipping costs are the buyers responsibility unless otherwise noted.

All NOS, GM licensed restoration parts, discontinued GM parts, & Electrical parts are non-returnable/non-refundable. 

 (Highway Stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDS using proper diagnostic procedures, some people resort to trial-and-error parts swapping when they don't know how else  to fix an electrical problem. When parts they have installed do not fix their problem, they want to return them and try something else.

Electrical/electronic parts are easily damaged by improper installation or testing. Because electronics are very sensitive to voltage overloads, it does not take much of a voltage spike to ruin a component.

Unplugging a wiring connector while the key is still on can create a momentary voltage surge of hundreds of volts. Crossing up the wrong wires or using the wrong test procedures can also damage sensitive electronics. You have no way of knowing whether or not the part has been used or damaged.

Because of such risks and to ensure our customers receive Brand New Parts, we no longer allow returns on any electronic components. This practice protects our customers from ever getting a previously returned/bad part.


NOTE: ANY RETURNED PARTS THAT SHOW SIGNS OF INSTALLATION, USE or ABUSE  WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR ANY REFUND.  If the part is defective, refer to "defective return policy"


Parts returned up to 30 days after date of purchase may be entitled to a partial refund upon evaluation.


Parts returned from 31 days-60 days after date of purchase may be entitled to a partial store credit.


Unless specifically noted, no returns beyond 60 days.   Please contact us for details 




All shipping costs are the buyers responsibility unless otherwise noted.

All return requests must be initiated by the customer via the Return Request process which can be found  through the customer account portal/completed orders/returns. 

Electrical parts are non-returnable/non-refundable

All defective returns must be pre-authorized and assigned a Returned Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA #)  All returned merchandise must be accompanied by an assigned RMA #.  Any defective merchandise returned must sent back to Highway Stars complete, and in it's complete and original packaging as originally received. If original product included any affixed stickers/identification tags, all stickers and id tags must still be intact(never removed from product) and still on product as originally received, if/when returned.   Upon receipt of the returned defective merchandise, an evaluation will be performed.  Depending on the evaluation of the returned parts, we will contact you regarding the resolution.


NOTE: MOST DEFECTIVE PARTS MAY ONLY BE EXCHANGED FOR AN REPLACEMENT, IF THE RETURN FALLS WITHIN THE STANDARDS OF OUR RETURN POLICY. This exchange for replacement policy does not apply to NOS, discontinued, or parts we no longer carry.


Defective parts accompanied by an RMA # (other than electrical parts) may be returned up to 60 days after date of purchase. 

Unless specifically noted, no returns beyond 60 days.   Please contact us for details.  

Product warranties differ from item to item.  Additional warranty information is available either in the specific product description or by contacting us.

Warranties are void when a stock application part/component is used in a non-stock application or when used in a modified system.  

Warranties are void when the purchased part is installed improperly, mis-used, or associated with an improper repair, or inferior quality parts used during the installation.

Highway Stars will not be held responsible for any secondary incidental, and/or consequential loss or damage resulting from the malfunction of any purchased part.  

Highway Stars will not be held liable for any costs of repair parts, nor shipping/handling charges, nor labor charges, that were a result of a malfunction/defective part.

Highway Stars will not be liable for any charges resulting from the loss of vehicle use, resulting from a malfunction/defective part or any re-installation charges which resulted from of a malfunctioned/defective part. 

If a replacement for a defective part is to be shipped to the customer, it will ONLY BE SHIPPED TO THE ORIGINAL SHIPPING ADDRESS.