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Want the truth???

Want the truth???

14th Aug 2022

Obviously since you are reading this blog, you are interested in knowing "THE TRUTH"

At Highway Stars we think, like our customers . . .  

We all want:

  • Good products
  • Good customer service
  • and NO BS!

Our customers tell us they prefer shopping at Highway Stars, because of our INTEGRITY.  They stated: "I wish Highway Stars would sell everything for Buick Turbo Regals, so they don't need to shop elsewhere."  

It's sad, but true, so many vendors want to take your money while they lure you in through false advertising.  

The latest scam brought to our attention by a local customer was regarding an item: (Breather filter) that was advertised on another site as "NEW GM" Engine Filter vent, when it indeed was NOT NEW GM. He explained that he purchased the item thinking it was "NEW GM" from another site because Highway Stars was out of stock.  Upon receipt of his purchase from the other site, he received the part, but there was NO GM BOX.  He then came to Highway Stars to purchase a REAL GM breather filter-GM part #557240, and recognized the differences in the specs. 

(The photo shows the comparison of the filter he received from the other vendor(on the left), and the correct authentic NOS GM #557240 breather filter from Highway Stars(on the right) 

The truth: An NOS GM stock breather filter for 1986-1987 has been discontinued for over 10 years.

The only way GM ever sold this part was in the GM box. Any other vendor selling a (NEW GM) 557240 breather filter without the GM box is probably selling you a cheap aftermarket version and misrepresenting it as (NEW GM) 557240.  An GM filter #557240 has a finer mesh screen, and the filter is a much thicker design which holds more oil.

Just another helpful tip from Highway Stars